Stainless Metal Washdown-duty Electric Motor

Explain Of Washdown-responsibility Electric Motor

Globally electric’s stainless steel/flushing motor has a rated support factor of 1.fifteen (AC generate of 1. SF) and has an IP56 rated housing that supplies water-resistant security throughout flushing. Attributes consist of a 304 stainless steel body, conclude bracket and junction box, a stainless steel shaft, antirust film coated on the rotor, double lip seal, an additional shaft lifting ring at the travel finish, and an O-ring installed on the stop protect to avert humidity intrusion, which includes stainless steel wire connector. These stainless steel / flush motors are best for conveyor, pump, and material dealing with solutions in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and poultry industries.

Frame Variety Poles A A/two B C D E F G H K P Shaft Gap AB AC Ad
sixty three 2, four 100 50 80 forty 11 23 23 8.five 63 7 114 M4 a hundred twenty five 114 117
71 2,4,6 112 fifty six 90 45 fourteen thirty 30 11 seventy one seven 134 M5 a hundred and forty 134 129
eighty one hundred twenty five sixty two.5 100 50 19 forty forty fifteen.5 eighty ten one hundred forty four M6 150 one hundred forty four a hundred thirty five
90S 140 70 a hundred fifty six 24 fifty fifty twenty ninety 9 164 M8 164 164 147


Feature of Washdown-responsibility Electrical Motor

• 208-230/460 Volts
• enclosed fan cooling (TENV) enclosure
• feet welded on
• IP56 safety
• 1.fifteen SF
• class F insulation
• extremely substantial efficiency (1-2 HP)
• 304 stainless metal frame, stop bracket, and joint box
• stainless metal shaft
• the rotor is coated with an antirust film
• there are double lip seals at the two finishes of the motor and an additional shaft at the drive finish
Ring • O-ring is installed on the finish include to stop humidity intrusion
• like stainless metal wire connectors
• inverter load

Application of Washdown-duty Electric Motor

foodstuff processing
Pharmaceutical tools
Other environments require excessive cleansing and frequent flushing
Chemical processing
Poultry processing
Meat processing
Dairy application
Very corrosive surroundings
Applicable to variable frequency drives


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