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We provide all PTO shafts and other spare parts or accessories such as clutches, tubes, yokes and any other accessories needed for your power take off needs. The power take off is used to transmit power from a tractor or other source of power to an implement. The two speeds most commonly used with tractor PTO shafts is 540 and 1000 rpm and the PTO shafts can come in different sizes and lengths.

More than 20 and 10 kinds of end yokes and safety devices can be chosen Ordered according to customer’s requirements

1. We provide pto shaft series 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#.

2. Cross journal specifications: series1: 22 54mm series 2: 23.8 61.3mm series 3: 27 70mm series 4: 27 74.6mm series 5: 30.2 80mm series 6: 30.2 92mm series 7: 30.25106.35mm series 8: 35 106.5mm

3. Tractor side yoke: 6 or 21 splines push pin yoke

4. Types of tube: triangle profile tube, lemon profile tube.

5. Minimum overall length: 600-1800mm or 27″-60″

6. End yokes & safety devices: quick release yokes, plain bore yokes, friction type torque limiters, ratchet type torque limiter, shear bolt torque limiter, etc.

7. Plastic safety guard: black or yellow.

PTO is a splined drive shaft that is generally placed on tractors or can be used to provide power backup to a separate machine.

PTO Drive Shafts are carriers of torque: they are subject to torsion and shear stress, which represents the difference between the input force and the load. They thus need to be strong enough to bear the stress, without imposing too great an additional inertia by virtue of the weight of the shaft.


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