Tractor PTO Drive Shaft



The power take off is used to transmit power from a tractor or other source of power to an implement. The two speeds most commonly used with tractor PTO shafts is 540 and 1000 rpm and the PTO shafts can come in different sizes and lengths.What danger can arise from the power take-off shaft of a tractor? If it is not covered, clothing can get caught in it. If it is not disengaged, the steering will lock. If it is not disengaged, the battery will run flat.

Here is our advantages when compare to similar products from China:

1. Forged yokes make PTO shafts strong enough for usage and working;

2. Internal sizes standard to confirm installation smooth;

3. CE and ISO certificates to guarantee to quality of our goods;

4. Strong and professional package to confirm the good situation when you receive the goods.


Product Details

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